Each YCCIJ piece is handcrafted and requires delicate handling. All products are made from recycled sterling silver, which can oxidize over time by exposure to the air and substances from the skin.

Never wear your jewellery when in the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi or the shower.

To prevent the jewellery from oxidizing, we recommend you to store the product inside the accompanied jewellery pouch when not worn. In case of heavy oxidation, please use reducing agent (silver polishing cloth or a silver sparkle bath) to clean the piece, which should be stocked at most local goldsmiths.

Please note that our bracelets can be adjusted slightly in size by tightening or loosening the bangle carefully. However, make sure to only do this once, as it might break if done frequently (please see Quality guarantee for more info).

14ct gold vermeil
Please be aware that our gold plated products are just that – plated. This means that the base is of sterling silver, plated with a thick layer of 14ct gold. We cannot guarantee how long the gold layer will be in impeccable condition, as it depends on how it is worn and handled. Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g. soap and perfume.